Application PANDA Tech & Software 2020

Application PANDA Tech & Software 2020

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Please briefly describe your previous leadership experience (disciplinary leadership yes / no, team size / leadership experience in years, if applicable).
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The PANDA Event

In order to get to know you a little bit better, please answer these three questions for us:
Prior to the event we offer you the opportunity to appear in the “PANDA CV-Book”. The CV-Book will be forwarded to our partner companies. Companies that are interested in your profile can contact you and invite you to a personal meeting at PANDA Tech & Software 2020. If you would like to be part of it, we will use your available CV (unless you want to give us another version). *
IMPORTANT: Your CV is only available for our partners during a period of four weeks – after that your contact information will be deleted. The participation in the CV-Book is, of course, voluntary and is supposed to offer an additional value for you. Your profile will not be forwarded without your permission.
Exclusive Evening Event
Selected participants have the opportunity to attend an exclusive evening event with Bosch executives on Friday evening before the PANDA event on Saturday. Please indicate whether you would like to participate. You may receive the invitation directly from our partner Bosch: *
Anonymous Evaluation

As part of a research collaboration with the University of Salzburg the contents developed are scientifically analyzed. The research project entitled "Women at the top – which makes them" under the direction of Prof. Tuulia Ortner are findings as on the management and understanding of roles, success factors for management and internal and external perception of female executives. All this scientifically relevant information (for example, educational background, current position / career, years of work experience, years of management experience, leadership scope etc.) are -of course- only uses anonymous. You are free to revoke this consent at any time without giving reasons. Your choice will not affect the PANDA-application process.

In order to make the research results comprehensible, the raw data are stored encrypted for five years at the University of Salzburg but are neither published nor used for other purposes.

I agree to the anonymous evaluation of the results under the PANDA Contests and my personal data (for example, year of birth, academic background, years of experience, years of management experience). *
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A recommendation letter is part of the PANDA application process. You can skip this step if you are recommended by a PANDA network member, a PANDA speaker or a cooperation partner. If you have a recommendation – Congrats! Please enter here shortly who recommended you.
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If you already have your recommendation letter ready, you can upload it in the field below. If not, don't panic: You'll get an e-mail with all the information regarding the recommendation shortly after your application.

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